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Direct Lending Capital is a nationally recognized company, and we have one of the largest funding networks in the industry. Whatever type loan you are looking for we have it. We provide business owners with fast and easy working capital regardless of their credit score, and without the need for collateral down or a personal guarantee. It doesn't matter if your credit score is 500 or 800, we'll get the capital you need easier and faster than any other lender on the planet. We are a Georgia based company, and we have an aggressive funding team that gets the job done. Here's how we compare to banks:

Banks vs. 

Direct Lending Capital

Banks turn down over eighty percent of small 

business loans, because they require collateral

and personal guarantees. 

Direct Lending approves over eighty percent of 

our loans, and most of our loans don't require

collateral or personal guarantees.  We specialize

in unsecured loans.

Banks can take 30 to 60 days to fund a loan.

Direct Lending funds most of its loans in 24 to 48 hours.

Most banks require financial statements from an

accountant for a small business to be considered for a loan.

Direct Lending requires no financial statements on most of

its lending packages. Most of our loans just require copies

of your company bank statements.

Most banks base their loans on credit scores.

Direct Lending bases its loans on business revenue.

Most banks take up to a week to give you a loan decision.

Direct Lending gives loan decisions in the first 24 hours

during regular business hours.

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